Need Assessment & Impact study

Need assessment

Team Bridge relies upon need assessment to identify the requirement in the desired community. Most of the times, corporates want to do CSR near their operational geographical area for their planned CSR thematic area.  However, it is not necessary the specified need would always be there in the geographical proximity. The need in the community can be different. The Bridge identifies this need for the corporate partners through need assessment.

Impact Study

Impacts of the development projects typically take some time to manifest. Measuring outcome is key to successful CSR programs. What gets measured, gets done. The general tendency in many companies is to evaluate performance primarily on the basis of the cost and efficiency. However, there are many more criteria to judge. Impact studies have to be carefully planned in terms of team composition, timing and methodology. The process must be driven by the CSR committee which can delegate the day-to-day management of the process to an appropriate structure within the company.  Identifying methods for conducting the impact assessment and outcome measurement suited to the context and the size of the project and budgets available.

  • Identifying the skillset required for the impact measurement team and identifying, selecting and appointing the team.
  • Assisting the team to prepare the methodology for selecting a sample, conducting surveys, focus group discussions collecting information on the identified indicators.
  • ‎Making the provisions for the site visits by the team, involvement of the agency involved during the baseline and needs assessment.
  • ‎Undertaking the impact measurement exercise and preparing the report.
  • Identifying the lessons for future interventions.
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