NGO Empanelment

There is a dire need to bring a systematic and transparent process where the NGO’s and the corporate equally benefit through pooling their resources and partnering to implement best CSR programs making a remarkable and sustainable difference in the society. The challenge with the corporate is that they find difficult in identifying the credible NGO’s.
NGO’s serious and devoted in their work often encounter issues that take a toll to accomplish their projects uninterrupted. They have to repeatedly prove their credibility, struggle to reach out to the donors that are equally enthusiastic and have an inability to market them to their target audience. Lack of appropriate and continuous funds is a constant source of worry too.To build collaborative relationships The Bridge is committed to strengthen the NGO’s by empanelling them which are
  • Lesser known but are credible
  • That has the capacity to deliver
  • Have an organised and well formulated approach
  • Transparent
  • Follow best practices

The Bridge will support impanelled NGO’s working in the areas of education, health, disability, women empowerment &livelihood.

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